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The Poet of Linge Homeland

July 9, 2008

Producer: Set Workshop and Ford Foundation Director : Aryo Danusiri Supervising Producer: Garin Nugroho Didong Performance: the people of Pegasing, Central Aceh Running Time : 25 mins Language: Gayo and Indonesian with English subtitles The Poet of the Linge Homeland is a portrait of the Gayonese didong poet, Ibrahim Kadir. Danusiri’s short succinct portrait of […]

Linge Kingdom

July 8, 2008

The Lingga kingdom or Linge (in the gayo language ) in the Gayo land, according to M. Junus Djamil in his book of the “Gajah Putih” (White Elephant) that was published by the Cultural Aceh Agency during 1959, Kutaraja (Banda Aceh), said that around in the 11th age , the Lingga Kingdom was established by […]