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November 11, 2009

Didong The Traditional Art of Gayo Communities in Aceh Tengah Gayo live in the mountains or plateaus. They still preserve the artistic culture of one nation is Didong. Didong is a traditional art that is very popular and desired by Gayo society. The artist was called with the title-ceh ceh Didong. There are several names […]

Governor Horse Race

August 7, 2008

Visit Aceh year 2008,Governor will take part in the horse race The annual celebrations for Indonesia’s 63nd independence anniversary and Visit Aceh Year 2008 in the Regency Aceh Tengah, will be held by the sport activity and the art exhibition. Header Official affiliation, tourism and culture Middle aceh (Aceh Tengah), Drs Zulkifli Rahmat, on Tuesday […]

Bines Dance

July 11, 2008

The Story of Bines Dance Bines, dance art that was born from restraint towards the standards of the life. The restraint was carried out by a girl who was named the Ni Malelang Ode. He was punished until dying.His mother mourned. The lament beginning of the birth Bines dance. According to T Alibasyah Talsya in […]

Saman Dance

July 10, 2008

The history of saman and development Saman or a thousand hands Dance were the traditional dance withered Gayo people that came from Blangkejeren,Gayo lues Regency. “Saman” name was taken from the person who created and developed of this dance,Syeikh Saman, that is one of the Muslim scholars who spread the Islam religion in Nanggroe Aceh […]

Guel Dance

July 9, 2008

The story of the Guel dance The Guel dance was one of the Gayo cultural treasuries in Naggroe ACeh Darussalam province (Nad). Guel was significant sounded. Especially in the area of the plateau gayo, this dance had the long and unique story. The researchers and the dance choreographer said this dance not merely the dance. […]