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Putri Pukes Cave

A Brides Became Stone
A Brides Became Stone/Fajriboy.wordpress.com

According to the Story of the Community’s legend of Gayo Inen mayak in English Brides.The daughter Pukes Previously a woman who changed to the stone because of being married in a male manner foreign and did not want to follow the order her mother.Her mother instructed after marrying should not gaze at Back, because of the daughter Pukes gaze at back finally changed to the Stone, the Husband’s Cemetery off the daughter’s Pukes Cave around 1 Km Climbing.

Old Well

Old Well The water could be made medicine

All equipment like Knife and the animal in the Putri Pukes Cave also To the stone.afterward had a Well 3 months had water and 3 months not, Exactly Under The Snake that became the stone according to Story if Looking with the visible camera the red face was the Guard of the Putri Cave Pukes.

Kendi Brides Pukes
Kendi Brides Pukes/fajriboy
Stone 1000 illusion/fajriboy.multiply.com
Stone 1000 illusion/fajriboy.multiply.com

There was a stone Named 1000 illusions were gazed at looking Then changed form.Putri Pukes Cave In the north side Lake Lut Tawar.