Linge Kingdom

This Stamp Was Found In Lukup Serbejadi Aceh Timur Regency
This Stamp Was Found In Lukup Serbejadi Aceh Timur Regency/winbathin.blogspot

The Lingga kingdom or Linge (in the gayo language ) in the Gayo land, according to M. Junus Djamil in his book of the “Gajah Putih” (White Elephant) that was published by the Cultural Aceh Agency during 1959, Kutaraja (Banda Aceh), said that around in the 11th age , the Lingga Kingdom was established by Gayo people in Sultan’s government’s era of Machudum Johan Berdaulat Mahmud Shah from the Perlak Kingdom.

This information was known from information of King Uyem and his child King Ranta that is King Cik Bebesan and from Zainuddin that is from the kings Kejurun Bukit that both of them had had the power as the king in the colonial Dutch era.

King Lingga I,  it was mentioned had 4 children.
It was eldest that a woman was named Empu Beru or Datu Beru, that was other Be As Sibayak Lingga, Meurah Johan and  and Meurah Lingga.

Sibayak Lingga afterwards left home to the Batak land his ancestors to be precise in Karo and opened the country there he was known with King Lingga Sibayak.
Meurah Johan roamed to Aceh Besar and established his kingdom that was named Lamkrak or Lamori or that was known with Lamoeri and Lamuri or the Lamuri Sultanate or Lambri.
This significant the Lamuri sultanate above was established by Meurah Johan.

Meurah Mege was personally buried in Wihni Rayang in the Keramil Paluh Slope in the Linge area.  Now still was maintained and honored by the inhabitants.The cause of the migration was not known.But according to the story was narrated that King Lingga more loved his youngest child of Meurah Mege.
So as to make his children who were other more chose to roam.

Meurah Silu II (Son of  Merah sinabung)  migrated to the Pasai area and to the official of the Daya Sultanate in Pasai.The Daya sultanate was the sultanate syiah that was led by Persia people and Arabian.

One of linge king's grave.Photo blangmancung.multiply
One of linge king's grave.Photo blangmancung.multiply


1.King Lingga I in Gayo

Sibayak Lingga in the Karo Land. To became the King of Karo.
Marah Johan (the founder of the Lamuri Sultanate).
Marah Silu II (the founder of the Samudera Pasai Sultanate), and

2.King Lingga II alias Marah Lingga in Gayo 3.Lingga III-XII King in Gayo 4.King Lingga XIII became Amir al-Harb Sultanate Aceh, during 1533 was formed the Johor Bahru Kingdom in Malaysia that was led by Alauddin Mansyur Shah Sultan.
King Lingga XIII was appointed to the cabinet in this new kingdom.
His descendants established the Lingga Sultanate in the Riau island, the Lingga island, that his sovereignty included Riau (Indonesia), Temasek (Singapore) and few Malaysian territories.

The kings In Sibayak Lingga Karo not The documentation.
In the Dutch era again was appointed by his kings but only two eras 1.

King Sendi Sibayak Lingga.(the Dutch Choice) 2.King Kalilong Sibayak Lingga./Ariga (uranggayo.wordpress.com)


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  1. My family name is Lingga. But my grand grand father was established in Haranggaol. I wonder whether this connected to this artikel. Do you have the line age of this kingdom to present generation?

    Johannes Lingga

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