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Pantan Terong

July 10, 2008

Heard words Terong (eggplants), you were definitely visible to delicious vegetables was eaten when having lunch. Don’t suspected, during to the Terong Hill, You will find many eggplants (terong). That only the name of a hill that was in the height 1.350 metre above sea level. From the hill, we were served by scenery that […]

Lake Tawar (Lut Tawar)

July 9, 2008

This lake was very beautiful and was located close to the Takengon city, The capital of the Regency Aceh Tengah (Middle Aceh Regency). Although the width was far more smaller from the Toba Lake in North Sumatra but his beauty had the same attraction. Moreover here also kept various legends that were conserved orally in […]

Wih Kulus

July 8, 2008

The Wih Kulus name came from the tree that had (kulus Fruith) and lived among the stone gap, in the bank or middle the river. This tree only grew in the valley. His smell was not delicious indeed, but kulus could be used as the medicine material and even poison. Wih kulus,Door nature to the […]

Putri Pukes Cave

July 8, 2008

According to the Story of the Community’s legend of Gayo Inen mayak in English Brides.The daughter Pukes Previously a woman who changed to the stone because of being married in a male manner foreign and did not want to follow the order her mother.Her mother instructed after marrying should not gaze at Back, because of […]