Gayo Highlands

Tanoh Gayo dejure and defactoThe Gayo plateau is the area that was in the Middle aceh mountainous region,Bener meriah and Gayo lues with three cities especially that is Takengon,Blangkejeren And Simpang tiga redelong.

The road that connected three cities beyond the area with scenery that really wonderfull.The Gayo community livelihood that generally is farming and gardening including rice, vegetables, coffee and tobacco. The activity and tobacco of the coffee plantation were carried out by opening the available forest in this territory.

Gayo land Map
Gayo highland Map

Gayo People was also known because of their characteristics that really opposed all the forms of the colonisation and this area previously to be known as the region that really opposed the colonial Dutch government.

The Gayo ethnic group Famous with the characteristics of Friendly,Islam, and they were known obeyed in his religion. The Gayo ethnic group used the language that was acknowledged as the Gayo language.

The Main commodity Gayo people was Coffee,Gayo coffee that has famous to Foreign.


Takengon is the capital of Middle aceh Regency,Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province.Gayo people mentioned  Takengen not Takengon. This area was the climate plateau cool. Often was gotten the tourist attraction in this region, including being the Lut Tawar Lake,Loyang Koro,Puteri Pukes,Atu Belah, Pantan Terong, Etc.

Art in this area was very interesting because of being gotten by Didong Gayo art that really was admired by the Takengon community. One of the very interesting agendas attention of the community in the area and outside this area was the Racing horse agenda that usually is held mid August to welcome and celebrated the day of Indonesia Republic Independence.


This regency was in the group of Barisan Hill mountains, most of this territories were the area of the Gunung Leuser National Park that was proclaimed as the world inheritance. This regency was the regency that most was isolated in Nanggroe aceh darussalam province.

Gayo Lues was more known by the name of “NEGERI SERIBU BUKIT”. This name was installed and popularised by Mohsa El Ramadan, the senior reporter and the editor of the book “Memadamkan Bara di Atas Ladia Galaska”.Gayo lues regency syphilis with city of Blangkejeran was the biggest city in the south region the Gayo plateau.

Simpang Tiga Redelong

Simpang Tiga Redelong were the capital of Bener Meriah Regency.As the regency that still young, had the big opportunity of growing and developing definitely by all the potentials for nature as well as the climate that really enabled “Bumi Gajah Putih” meaning ” The earth Of White Elephant” (the other term for the Bener Meriah Regency) to could reach maturation economically with all the potentials owned.

The Bener Meriah regency with the supreme coffee commodity, as the crop kind that dominated the height of Nad mainland, really meberi the opportunity to Bener Meriah community that was numbering ± 112,093 souls in 2004; to live prosperous economically. This area was also known as the Agrarian area of the supplier ± 80% requirement for vegetables in environment the Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province. (


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  1. To, pengasuh weebb gayoland,
    tolong dong di kasi tahu ke pemda gayo, kerajinankerawang gayo to daftarin ke HAKI dong, biar kalo ada orang yang memakai kerawang buat bisnis selain orang gayo asli harus ada dong pajak yg harus diberikan bwt daerah, karena saya pernah liat hasi bordiran baju dari bandung dengan reflika kerawang “tai kukur, emun beriring dan rebung bercucuk” (maaf kalo namanya salah) jgn jadi kayak batik di klaim malaysia aja deh, ntar makin hilang khasanah gayo

  2. Boh urang gayo bwne, berulen-ulen qt mununtut ilmu kin kmajuen tanoh gayo. Buge +belangi n +maju urangQ GAYO.

  3. this is it
    Gayo… Gayoo and Gayooo.. Ini baro lengkap. Berizin ya ke nge temas kami menggenal edet istiedet gayo lebih relem

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