Gayo Highlands

Gayo Plateau

The Gayo plateau is the area that was in the Middle aceh mountainous region,Bener meriah and Gayo lues with three cities especially that is Takengon,Blangkejeren And Simpang tiga redelong.
The road that connected three cities beyond the area with scenery that really wonderfull.The Gayo community livelihood that generally is farming and gardening including rice, vegetables, coffee and tobacco. The activity and tobacco of the coffee plantation were carried out by opening the available forest in this territory.

Gayo land Map
Gayo Highland

Gayo People was also known because of their characteristics that really opposed all the forms of the colonisation and this area previously to be known as the region that really opposed the colonial Dutch government.

The Gayo ethnic group Famous with the characteristics of Friendly,Islam, and they were known obeyed in his religion. The Gayo ethnic group used the language that was acknowledged as the Gayo language.

The Main commodity Gayo people was Coffee,Gayo coffee that has famous to Foreign.


Takengon is the capital of Middle aceh Regency,Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province.Gayo people mentioned  Takengen not Takengon. This area was the climate plateau cool. Often was gotten the tourist attraction in this region, including being the Lut Tawar Lake,Loyang Koro,Puteri Pukes,Atu Belah, Pantan Terong, Etc. Read More

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Save Gayo language Now

Gayo People must fast to take steps, When Not in 2010 Gayo language estimated be Lost.

Domenyk eades In takengon.Photo-winbathin.multiply
Domenyk eades In takengon.Photo-winbathin.multiply

Takengon-The Gayo language is one of the languages that is used in the Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam province. Although it is spoken in Aceh, the Gayo language is different from the Acehnese language. The Gayo language is used by the minority Gayo inhabitants that live in the central highlands of the province.
“The Gayo language will possibly be lost by 2016”, said M.Jihad, a resident of the Bintang Subdistrict, in a meeting with the writer of gayo grammar, (A grammar of gayo, a language of Aceh, Sumatra) that was written by Dr.Domenyk Eades.BA (Hons) PhD (Melb), Asistent Professor, Lecturer in Linguistic and Translation Studies. College of Arts, Sultan Qaboos University, on Friday night (11/7) in the Bale Pendari Building that was of the Reje Linge Theatre. It was attended by artists, the culture critics, students and the public figures.
M.Jihad based this on the fact that the Gayo community often do not use the Gayo language in everyday communication. They are more likely to use the Indonesian language and are too tolerant to this. Moreover, the role of the Government like the Regional Government and DPRK (Regional Legislative Council for regency) was also not involved in in conserving the gayo language through policy.
Domenyk Eades is Professor’s Assistant in Sultan’s University of Qaboos Oman. He came to Aceh to teach English and to research the Gayo language for his doctorate in linguistics. “Literature of gayo made me interested to studying Gayo language”, he said opposite dozens of participants that night.

Literature in gayo made me interested to studying Gayo language”. Said Domenyk opposite dozens of participants that night. In order to conserve Gayo language, according to Domenyk, at this time must be written the book in the Gayo language and again wrote the fairy tale, the history and the culture from informant that still living, when not wanting the gayo Language lost.
“So many languages have been lost in the world. Would the Gayo language also was like this”, ask Domenyk to Zulfikar Ahmad St, a staff member of Bappeda who accompanied Domenyk.
Back to M.Jihad, who worried the Gayo language loss from languages in the world. According to the Jihad, the Gayo language was assets or the wealth that were rich in the vocabulary. “Gayo language is rich in words”, said M. Jihad, giving an example of one word in Indonesian for sit, but which had three correspondences in Gayo; that is, kunul, tempoh, semile. Moreover, M. Jihad said that before Rasulullah SAW was born, the Gayo language that more was known with the term “peri berabun”.
In the last 10 years Domenyk carried out the research about the Gayo language, and in the meeting discussed the grammar book he wrote on the Gayo language. In discussions this Gayo language, Evidently many students circles and audiences that precisely the difficulty spoke gayo fully and still mixed it with Indonesian. “this is a proof and argument, already many language vocabularies gayo that no longer is used and tended Losed”,M.Jihad explanation. According to Domernyk, since carrying out the research ten years set, has had the Gayo community that no longer would cares the culture, the language and Gayo history because it was considered not useful.

Save Gayo languge Now and Visit Tanoh Gayo 2008
Save Gayo languge Now and Visit Tanoh Gayo 2008

“If the Gayo language was lost, then the Gayonese identity also would losed.Gayo community will lose identification”, stressed Domenyk. So, because the language will be the identity, continued Domenyk the gayo people from now on must teach generation Gayo children to speak Gayo and get a start to teach Gayo culture. “Books in Gayo language could educate children Gayo to not lose identity”, explained Domenyk. Currently, with his book of Domenyk, A grammar of gayo, a language of Aceh, Sumatra, the Gayo language has been studied in an university in Germany in the Linguistic program.
Yusradi Algayoni, one of the best students USU the Sampoerna version that currently completes the Biography of the famous artist gayo, Drs.AR Moese, explained he had gathered 60 book collections about gayo and now was making the language dictionary gayo that was gathered by him numbering 6670 words. Yusradi asked Domenyk to have the grammar of gayo translated into Indonesian. However according to Domenyk, that must be asked for by his permission with the publisher who handled his book. Most of the students and participants who were present feeling embarrassed because of the Gayo language was researched not by the community gayo, but precisely was researched by the outsider like Domenyk.
Zamzam Mubarak, a Gayo student in Jakarta, questioned the origin Gayo language because gayo it was considered had a big civilisation. According to Domenyk, the Gayo language belongs to the Austronesian group. The Gayo language was connected with the Nias language, Mentawai and Batak Language. Iwan Bahgie, the organiser of the meeting with Domenyk stated that the meeting was held in order to conserve the Gayo language. “After receiving information from Zulfikar Ahmad about Domenyk’s presence with his family in Takengon in the holiday, we offered to be facilitators”, said Iwan. Yuhdi Saffuan, the alumnus of the Indonesian University that is currently in Takengon, said, the Deceased, Prof. Yunus Melalatoa, had said in a forum for the Gayo students Indonesia in Yogyakarta on 2002 that Gayo language including one of the languages that will be lost because of being affected by the culture and the outside language.
“According Prof. Yunus Melalatoa, estimated on 2010 Gayo language has to the critical point. Some for example if asking the community’s Gayo children that was in the Village, the Ama term for the call Father, no longer known by children”, said Yuhdi imitated the concern of Prof. Yunus Melalatoa, a Anthropologist UI.
Said by Yuhdi Saffuan, what is forecasted by Prof. Melalatoa currently has been proven. This was based on the fact at this time, continued Yuhdi, basic school children could not have in Takengon spoken Gayo even his parents suggested their children spoke Indonesia everyday so that not embarrassed to socialise with his friend in the school.
“Could imagined several years in the future, the Gayo language no longer popular and no longer was used in Takengon and will be forgotten history”, stressed Yuhdi. After discussions of the grammar gayo book was spread out. The students and the community who were present agreeing to begin discussed and discourse conservation efforts of the Gayo language with what was acknowledged as a kind of “Balai Bahasa Gayo” meaning Hall Gayo language, and the routine carried out discussions about the language. Needed the role of Regional Government at this time to conserve the Gayo language with more strengthened the Gayo language in education. (

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Bines Dance

The Story of Bines Dance

Bines, dance art that was born from restraint towards the standards of the life. The restraint was carried out by a girl who was named the Ni Malelang Ode. He was punished until dying.His mother mourned. The lament beginning of the birth Bines dance.

The linge girl with gayo traditional clothes played the movement of the bines dance, One of the dance to welcome the important guests in the cultural Gayonese tradition. Bines dance was shown during the appointment agenda of the seven house (Umah Pitu Ruang) Linge Kings,in the former royal complex of linge,Linge Subdistrict, ACeh tengah (Middle Aceh) Regency.Photo-Serambi/JALIMIN
The linge girls with gayo traditional clothes played the movement of the bines dance, One of the dance to welcome the important guests in the cultural Gayonese tradition. Bines dance was shown during the appointment agenda of the seven house (Umah Pitu Ruang) Linge King's,in the former royal complex of linge,Linge Subdistrict, ACeh Tengah (Middle Aceh) Regency.Photos-Serambi/JALIMIN

According to T Alibasyah Talsya in the Aceh book Kaya Budaya ( rich in Cultural ) (1972) The  bines dance was played by several people of the girls. The story of the beginning of the birth of this dance began with the incident that was full of the disgrace. The disgrace struck the Ni Malelang Ode, that was already done made adultery with a young man.

He was afterwards whipped with the whip punishment, because of could not keep this lashing, the Ani Malelang Ode died and made his mother mourn his trip.The mother of the Ni Malelang Ode, really was stricken, in his sorrow that was covered by the sadness and the embarrassed feeling resulting from the conduct of his child, the mother mourned and asked for compassion in front of the crowd while going a step for the sake of a step surrounded his child’s body.The sadness the mother made people around it be touched, then one by one the relative, the neighbours as well as people who took part in being sad in the place. They continued to follow the mother mourned while surrounding the body of the Ni Malelang Ode. According to Talsya, the mother’s lament when surrounding the body of the Ni Malelang Ode the beginning of birth Bines dance. Continue reading “Bines Dance”


Pantan Terong

Heard words Terong (eggplants), you were definitely visible to delicious vegetables was eaten when having lunch. Don’t suspected, during to the Terong Hill, You will find many eggplants (terong). That only the name of a hill that was in the height 1.350 metre above sea level. From the hill, we were served by scenery that really captured. Takengon city, the capital Aceh tengah regency, and the Lut Tawar lake, apparently enchanted from on top of the hill.

Lut Tawar Lake From Pantan Terong Aceh Tengah 12 July
Lut Tawar Lake From Pantan Terong Aceh Tengah 12 July

The hill that also was known by the name of Khafi peak was enough to be known to be local by the environmentalist’s circle. Apart from, because beauty of the amazing Nature scenery, also because of the still natural forest was received behind. This place was also known as the aim of the tour agro and where being highest in the region a round of the Takengon city. At this time, this place was managed by the Service of Aceh Tengah tourism  with building facilities of two consisted of the main building, the house half of the permanent had two storeys, and one supporting building, along with the complete prayer room with sanitation.

The Terong hill Continue reading “Pantan Terong”

Art Culture

Saman Dance

The history of saman and development


Saman or a thousand hands Dance were the traditional dance withered Gayo people that came from Blangkejeren,Gayo lues Regency. “Saman” name was taken from the person who created and developed of this dance,Syeikh Saman, that is one of the Muslim scholars who spread the Islam religion in Nanggroe Aceh darussalam,Sumatra, Indonesia.The poem language or the song that was used Arabic and Gayo that contained the religious message,satire,idyl advice and the quatrain love. The dance was known with several name kinds That is:

1.Saman Gayo (Aceh tenggara,Gayo lues,Bener meriah And Aceh tengah Regency)
2.Saman Lokop (Gayo Lokop, Aceh timur Regency)

That not yet in found the explanation that was more specific concerning the equality and the difference of the dance saman from respectively the area.But,I’m a Gayonese that was domiciled at the Bener Meriah Regency at least a little know about the equality and the difference of the Saman dance from the two areas. The equality of the Two saman this used the Gayo language,and the difference only in the Gayo variation diaelek,  Kerawang (traditional Gayonese clothes) and the colour of kerawang.The Saman dance only was not take pleasure in the Gayo community,but also by the wider public community,Moreover down to foreign.That caused saman often experienced Changed. Although also the saman change in the person’s circle gayo.But,The originality still continue to in maintained now.

If want to watch the performance of saman dance that still original,may visited blangkeren the Gayo lues regency,or watch the Video original Gayo saman dance on youtube .Usually the contest Saman agenda was carried out a year very much coincided in the agenda celebrated the Republic of Indonesia birthday in days of yore,The dance showed in the special traditional agenda.Among them in the ceremony commemorated the birthday of prophet Muhammad’s saw, And what is more, contemporary This dance was shown also in the formal agendas,like as,guests’s visit the statesmanship,or in the opening of a festival and the other agenda.

The dance saman including one of the dances that was unique enough, cause only put forward the movement of other clap hand and the clap chest, like the movement Guncang,Kirep,Lingang,Surang-Saring (all these movements were gayo language).

The saman player wore the typical gayo clothes (kerawang)
The saman player wore the typical gayo clothes (kerawang)

The saman dance played not less than 13 Man,The important the amount must be odd.In the next development,Saman dance also was played by the woman group.The other opinion this Dance was danced approximately from 10 person,by details 8 dancers and 2 people as the command giver while song.for arranged various movements was pointed out by a leader who was mentioned syeikh.In addition to arranged the movement Dancers,Syeikh also was assigned to sing song saman poems.

The Saman dancers wore the typical uniform costume kerawang gayo,with Bulang teleng in the head,The cover of the neck as well as the bracelet in two the wrist. In The perform, the dancer sat lined up long nearby with genuflection.Syeikh sat in the middle of the others dancers.The movement and the song that were song had relations wiht dynamic,synchronism and showed the solidarity.This dance was preceeded with the movement slow voice,with the clap hand,dabn the clap chest and clap thigh,As well as lifted the hands above in the turn manner.long increasingly,The movement of this dance was increasingly fast until this dance ended. / Ariga (

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Art Culture

Guel Dance

The story of the Guel dance

Several daughters in the Bener Meriah regency showed his expertise when welcoming the guest of the area with the Guel dance.Photo-winbathin.blogspot
Several daughters in the Bener Meriah regency showed his expertise when welcoming the guest of the area with the Guel

The Guel dance was one of the Gayo cultural treasuries in Naggroe ACeh Darussalam province (Nad). Guel was significant sounded. Especially in the area of the plateau gayo, this dance had the long and unique story. The researchers and the dance choreographer said this dance not merely the dance. He was the combination from literature art, musical art and the dance art personally.

In his development, the Guel dance emerged sank, but Guel became the tradition dance especially in the certain traditional ceremony. Guel fully the appreciation of the shape of nature, the environment was afterwards composed so by the form through the symbolic movement and rhythm stamping. This dance was the informative media. The solidarity in solid the border between art Literature, music/the voice, the movement enabled to be developed (collaboration) in accordance with the spirit of the time, and the change in the pattern thought the local community.Guel certainly had philosophy was based on the history of his birth. Then extension in the 90 ‘s this dance became the object The research amount survesor domestic and foreign.

The Aceh Special District regional government Continue reading “Guel Dance”