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Didong The Traditional Art of Gayo

Didong The Traditional Art of Gayo
Didong The Traditional Art of Gayo

Communities in Aceh Tengah Gayo live in the mountains or plateaus. They still preserve the artistic culture of one nation is Didong. Didong is a traditional art that is very popular and desired by Gayo society. The artist was called with the title-ceh ceh Didong. There are several names Didong famous players, including Lakiki CEH, CEH To’et, Daman CEH, CEH Ibrahim Kadir, Lakiki Ujang CEH, CEH Ucak, Seven CEH, CEH Session Temas Idris, and CEH Abd Rauf.

Didong a performance art done by the men in groups (usually numbering 15 people), with free expression, as he sat cross-legged or standing, stamping his feet. They recite verses Gayo language with melodious voice, while manabuh drum, pillow or saucepan and clapped as varied, so that the sound and motion create a beautiful and interesting.
B. Privileges
Traditional performing arts that became the pride of Gayo society is able to survive today in the midst of technological developments and the influence of westernization. People do not get enough of watching ceh-ceh Didong berdidong in almost every night the week. Was done to show the whole night (from evening until dawn).

Poems are recited by the power of fusion art configuration of motion, literature and sound like “voodoo” the audience to “drift” and continue to listen to the social and religious reflection of ceh-ceh Didong on various social issues in society, and their relationship with nature, so that life can be addressed wisely.

Regeneration artists Didong going well, because almost in every generation of artists emerged and phenomenal talent. They generally went to school “jungle”. Their acquired knowledge is knowledge of the nature of cosmology, as a microcosm of consciousness in the structure of reality, and knowledge of local knowledge and kearifal and wisdom. The messages they convey in art is the humanist messages and conscience of the people. Not excessive when director Garin Nugroho, said that Aceh is a repository of reliable artists.
C. Location
Central Aceh Regency and Bener Meriah Regency  Province Aceh Indonesia.
D. Towards Access Locations
Access to Central Aceh Regency (Aceh Tengah) easier Bireun traveled through the city, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. There was a small terminal hangout special transportation to an elf who Takengon rate approximately Rp. 25,000.00 (January 2008) with a long journey of about 5 hours. Apart from the City Bireun, there is an alternative way to Central Aceh Regency, through territory and Kutacane Kejeren Blang.

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