Pantan Terong

Heard words Terong (eggplants), you were definitely visible to delicious vegetables was eaten when having lunch. Don’t suspected, during to the Terong Hill, You will find many eggplants (terong). That only the name of a hill that was in the height 1.350 metre above sea level. From the hill, we were served by scenery that really captured. Takengon city, the capital Aceh tengah regency, and the Lut Tawar lake, apparently enchanted from on top of the hill.

Lut Tawar Lake From Pantan Terong Aceh Tengah 12 July
Lut Tawar Lake From Pantan Terong Aceh Tengah 12 July

The hill that also was known by the name of Khafi peak was enough to be known to be local by the environmentalist’s circle. Apart from, because beauty of the amazing Nature scenery, also because of the still natural forest was received behind. This place was also known as the aim of the tour agro and where being highest in the region a round of the Takengon city. At this time, this place was managed by the Service of Aceh Tengah tourism  with building facilities of two consisted of the main building, the house half of the permanent had two storeys, and one supporting building, along with the complete prayer room with sanitation.

The Terong hill or in the Gayo language was acknowledged as Pantan Terong, be at a distance 6 kilometre from the centre of the Takengon city. When want to faster there must use the personal car or carteran because of not yet having the public’s transport that served the route to the peak. The public’s transport only served the route from the Bale Atu terminal to the Tansaran Village, subdistrict Bebesen with the distance 4 km. Then,, after arriving in this village, Pantan Terong could be reached with time followed two to three hours walked with the condition for the asphalted road that the level of his slope moderate climbing.

Top view Takengong City and Lut Tawar
Top view Takengong City and Lut Tawar

Apart from going through the Tansaran Village, also could be reached from the Angkup Village, the area that was famous with his mat cane work. From the Lokop Sabun Ratawali Village, Simpang Balik could be also reached, although with the distance that rather far. But, you will not regret. Because, beauty of the Nature scenery, the forest that was fresh will as well as the plantation of the community’s coffee accompany you.
Pantan Terong was often stopped over in by tourists lokal. on Sunday and the national holiday, there is the person that here. There are those that only a to enjoy the cold climate of mountains in the Barisan Hill.

An of the public's holiday
An of the public's holiday

Not only the cold climate and beauty of the nature scenery that made the hill beautiful. There, many of the resident’s plantations with the crop holti and the coffee plantation. If in Puncak Bogor (Bogor peak), West Java, beauty of the tea garden mesmerised the visitor, in Pantan Terong, the Arabica coffee crop that was lovely that, became scenery that spoiled the eyes.
Officially tourism had the method to protect beauty of Pantan Terong that anyone who cut down this region tree, will be put on the fine of five million Rupiah. (

credit to : id (acehmagazine)


2 thoughts on “Pantan Terong”

  1. aku senang banget bisa, ngeliat takengon yang pada saat ini sudah berkembang…

    aku juga bangga jadi anak takengon…..

    dengan adanya tampilan tanah gayo , aku ngrasa seperti ada di daerah ku…

    thnk’s for all…..

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